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that creates lasting freedom. 
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Bars, a fast effective and easy  
way of releasing all limitations  
that are keeping you stuck 
There are no ongoing fees for practitioners, once you are  
trained, you can start earning  
straight away! 
Would attending this class expand your life? 
No prerequisites to learn 
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Access Bars Practitioner Training 

Would you be willing to learn and receive transformational hands on energy process in a small group with ease? 
Alys holds monthly Bars classes facilitating small groups for a high standard of coaching, ensuring you are comfortable with ‘how to’ run the Bars on another. 
During the day, you will receive TWO sessions, also you will learn how to give this dynamic hands on body process. You will take home a comprehensive Bars manual, Bars charts and Certification as an Access Bars practitioner. 
After the class you will be qualified to give Access Bars™ to your family, friends and even charge for private sessions, and if you already provide other therapies, you can add Access Bars™ to your list of modalities. How does it get any better than that? 

Learn Bars ™ 

Book your Access Bars™ class TODAY and start creating a life better than anything you have ever imagined. 
Investment price: £150 
Next class dates:  
If you phone me i can accommodate your available dates 
Call now on: 01271 860508 / 07903 66725  
Would attending this class expand your life? 

Why choose an Access Bars™ class? 

Excellent value for money with no on going fees for practitioners 
Easy to learn, suitable for developing the talent of beginner energy healers 
Opens your own awareness and expands your consciousness 
Learn to discharge limiting energy directly from the brain to create rapid and very noticeable change in people's lives 
Suitable for use in a business or for personal growth 
Very generous local and worldwide support 
No prerequisites 
First step into the Access Core training 
No limitations! Access allows you to mix with other modalities in any way that you think will be of benefit to your clients... 
As an Access Bars Practitioner  
You are entitled to attend “Bars Gifting and Receiving" anywhere in the world. These sessions are one of the big advantages of being a certified Bars Practitioner or Facilitator. 
In a Gifting and Receiving session you can: 
Receive more Bars coaching 
Have your bars run and run someone else’s bars in a 1 for 1 swap 
Bring someone you want to work on and receive coaching at the same time 
Socialize with other Bars practitioners 
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